2017 John Deere 825i

– Custom Poly Skid unit
– 65GPM Darley High Pressure Pump
– 70 Gallon Water Tank
– 5 Gallon Class “A” foam tank with a scotty foam system

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Brush 72
2009 Ford/Reading Body

Seating for 2 personnel
Tools for 6 personnel
Four-wheel drive
120 gpm Darley high pressure pump

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Command 72
2007 Ford Explorer

Portable Water Extinguisher
ABC Extinguisher
Marriage set
Command Board/Accountability Board

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Engine 72
2021 KME

Seating for 6, SCBA for 5 personnel
1,500 gpm Hale single-stage pump
1,000 gallon water tank
25 gallon Class A foam tank

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Rescue-Engine 72
2016 KME

Seating, SCBA and tools for 6 personnel
Fixed Hurst hydraulic rescue tool system with (3) 100′ hydraulic hose reels
Portable Hurst hydraulic rescue tool power unit

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Tanker 72
2008 E-One/Freightliner

Seating for 2 personnel
500 gpm Hale single-stage pump
3,000 gallon water tank
(3) 10″ remote tank dumps (rear/sides)

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Utility 72
2013 Ford

Seating for 4 personnel
Four-wheel drive
9′ Western “V” plow

Primary Use: Personnel and equipment transport; EMS assist; traffic control unit

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